Clean Start: The Pretty Shell Shower House

Pretty Shell Shower Trailer

Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from homelessness and displacement in America right now. Too many of them don’t even have access to a hot shower.  We’re here to change that!

Clean Start is Pretty Shell’s own humanitarian initiative. The brain child of Pretty Shell’s founder, Bruce Morrison, Clean Start offers free, private, hot showers to our homeless and displaced brothers and sisters. Our mobile trailer—which we call the Pretty Shell Showerhouse—is equipped with six individual shower and bathroom stalls. Each stall offers hot water, privacy, and fresh towels. Every person served will also receive a new pair of underwear. 

This service will change lives — imagine what a hygienic, rejuvenating shower can do right before a job interview! We can create hundreds of thousands of clean starts!

We need your help to make this project a reality. Here’s exactly what your donation will go toward: hot water, a hygienic environment, new underwear, fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and the trailer’s mobility.

This is a new day. A fresh beginning. A Clean Start. 

The Pretty Shell Showerhouse is also a fantastic opportunity for companies, employees, and corporate leaders to get involved with their local homeless & displaced communities. Reserve the Showerhouse for your team to volunteer — clean the stalls, fold and distribute towels, and interact with Showerhouse patrons. This is an unprecedented opportunity to meet and serve your brothers and sisters in need.

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