Active Causes

Help the Afghanistan Refugees

Help us provide much-needed supplies for the families who’ve found shelter in our home.


*100% of donations go directly to the cause.

Fight Human Trafficking

Help us provide relief, sanitation kits, and rescue to the victims of these horrible crimes. You’d be amazed by the difference that just $5 can make.


*100% of donations go directly to the cause.

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Hot Showers for the Homeless

Help us provide hot showers for the homeles with a multi-unit shower trailer.


*100% of donations go directly to the cause.

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Feed the Homeless

Help us feed the homeless this weekend. Just $20 is enough to feed 80 people!


Or volunteer to come join us for a couple hours. We’d love the help!


*100% of donations go directly to the cause.

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What Drives Us

Pretty shell will better people, communities, and the world by encouraging something simple:
sharing what we already have.


A New Breed of Profit Sharing

Our model is as simple as our purpose: we take some of our profits from every rental and donate them to the causes that you, our users, choose.

You've heard of for-profit and non-profit companies. This is shared-profit.


Built on Transparency

We believe that clear communication of goals and results will build trust between those championing humanitarian causes, and those supporting them with donations.
So we’ve written that kind of transparency into every part of our process.

The Process:


Partnering with Pretty Shell

We team up with individuals, groups or organizations that are championing a worthy cause.


Goals and Results

We set specific funding goals with our humanitarian partners and plan clear measurable ways to define the success of the project.


Good Reports

We keep updated reports on how the projects are progressing on our website, so that anyone can see their positive impact.

Have a cause?

Tell us about it! We're always looking for partners to help do some good.

    Whatever you do: Do good.